5 mo old lab keeps picking up knifes in his mouth.

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I guess because of lockdown our puppy has some attachment issues at the moment. He has to be physically touching me or my husband at anyone time. He is a very large puppy. He is almost at my height standing (5 7’). Recently if I nip upstairs for something (even if I go to the loo) he will grab anything in the kitchen and try to destroy it. Freezer bags. My shoes.

About 3 times now he has grabbed a pairing knife either off the draining board or out of the sink (if I’m cooking and it’s waiting to be washed up). He can also open draws to get stuff out. Mostly I’m worried about him cutting his mouth because he keeps flipping it in his mouth. But also getting it back he will only drop for some chicken and I feel like this is rewarding the behaviour. Training him to do it.

I’m really stumped with this one. If anyone has any suggestions that would be fab. We did have a 1-2-1 trainer earlier but she didn’t really help and basically made me cry after she came round every time. I have the worst puppy blues and will feel even worse if my puppy cuts his own mouth! I know we need to work on jumping generally as he always jumps up and sometimes jumps into either me or my husband which could knock someone over.

We have mastered house training and no biting. His recall is good and he can sit/lay down.

The dog is from a working line and seems to need a lot more than normal attention (we didn’t know this till after we bought him)

TL/DR puppy is destructive and likes to pick up knifes for attention.

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