4 month old puppy sleeping a lot?

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We have had our about four month old female puppy for four days now. She was from a rescue and she lived with a foster, and before she was rescued they believed she lived in a hoarders house and wasn’t exposed to anything. She came to us very anxious, had never been on walks outside the yard/exposed to much and she’s already improved a ton. That’s not what I’m concerned about. I’m not sure if she’s sleeping a normal amount. I’ve also realized our couch is probably her safe space since she’s still not completely confident. I’ve taken her on a walk today, and taken her out in the yard multiple times. But the past two hours she’s been sleeping on the couch. She also slept some this morning, and in the middle of the day. She definitely has random bursts of energy, so I’m not sure how long it’s normal for her to sleep? We’re mainly worried about her becoming lazy, and losing interest in playing.

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