4 month old lab peed on the stairs and stared at me while doing it

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Hi! Just a quick question about peeing. My Labrador is 4 months old this week and he seemed like he was totally housetrained. He tends to let us know when he has to go… except today he asked us to go out then immediately went to the bathroom and peed on the tile. Then today, he indicated he needed to go while we were on the porch and without waiting he jumped the barricade we set up and ran down the outdoor stairs without us to pee outside. Then again, tonight I took him out without a leash to go down the porch steps for a before-bed pee and instead of following me down the stairs for a treat, he proceeded to empty out on the top step, raining pee down on the downstairs neighbours garden.

Is he testing us? Is he not actually housebroken?? Also his leash training seems to be regressing. This guy goes on 2 long walks a day and has plenty of pee breaks all day.

TLDR: I have a housebroken 4-month old lab who, three times today, peed either in the house, or didn’t wait for us to let him downstairs, or didn’t follow us downstairs to his usual pee area in the backyard. Is he broke?

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