4 month old Boxer Lab Mix and his biting tendencies

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Hello Currently have a 4 month old male boxer lab mix

He’s not really too bad biting wise and I get he’s teething, (provided him bones and teething toys and balls, he uses them all the time) and he’s good with “No” and he will kiss ass if you say it deep enough but sometimes he just just wants to fight and he tends to bite

He’s gotten better over the last month and a half, less constant and he doesn’t bite down nearly as hard, but he does it and we’d very much not like to encourage that for when he’s adult

ANYWAYS my main questions are

• is this probably a puppy phase since he’s not too bad and should I just continue what I’m doing and act accordingly?

•are there any more effective methods to discourage biting other than “No” and replacing it with toys?

Thank you!

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