3 y/o dog wants nothing to do with the puppy

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Hi all. We have a 3 year old Aussie doodle who is a lovely dog, sometimes a bit stubborn, and the tennis ball is her love language.

We just welcomed a tiny puppy into the house and the Aussie wants overall nothing to do with her. Her and puppy have played a couple times, but not for long.

The puppy is constantly wanting to play, but the Aussie either just stands there and let her chew.. or she just walks away. If she’s playing with a bone/ball/stuffed anything she’ll just leave it for the puppy and go away. Or if the puppy comes to sit on her bed, she’ll just give it up.

Is this problematic for either of them? And what intervention should he done? The Aussie loves being chased and playing with bigger dogs and I’ve only seen her growl at puppies maybe once or twice if they’re too rough.

Any advice?

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