3 month puppy may have hip dysplasia?

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/i0bnx2/3_month_puppy_may_have_hip_dysplasia/

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So I recently got this 3 month pitbull puppy and have been concerned with her health. The first major thing I noticed when I got her was her walking. Her back legs seem to sway left to right when she walks sort of like an older dog. When she climbs the stairs she uses both her back legs to hop on to the stair and even when running does have this bunny hop. Another thing about the running is when she runs her back legs go to the left a bit while her front legs are straight.

I got this puppy off Craigslist( I know it’s shunned upon) so more than likely was a backyard bred dog or accidental litter with no health testing. I have a vet appointment this Friday so will mention the issue and see what the vet thinks, but just wanted to see if anyone knows anything about the issue I’m describing. She is also not really active as a puppy, usually at nights she will get zoomies and run really fast, but otherwise I’m still seeing this awkward back leg issue. It may be normal and I’m just worrying too much?

Here are some videos of her walking in the yard which you can see the swaying.



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