3 month old puppy HATES grooming with a flaming passion

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We recently brought home our puppy around 3-4 weeks ago. She is a little maltipoo and we were told by the vet that we should brush her coat frequently, twice a day. She also has really bad tear tracks that need to be brushed or else she smells horrible. She did fine with it at first but now HATES being brushed. We had to begin to bribe her with food to stay still. Now she tries to steal the food but wiggles away at the sight of a brush. She literally cannot be held in place unless you have around 3 people, which as you can imagine, is not always feasible. It’s like trying to hold on to an eel in water. We should’ve named her Houdini because she is an escape artist. She will growl loudly and frequently and try to bite at the brush, but I feel it’s only a matter of time before she bites us. Is there any way to make her accustomed to brushing?

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