2 year old rescue dog can’t be alone?

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My wife and I recently adopted a sweet 2 year old chihuahua mix from a shelter. He was nervous at the shelter but warmed up quick to us. Very gentle and sweet, hasn’t shown his teeth or done anything aggressive at all to us. He’s also housebroken.

Sounds like a great boy right? Well we can’t go into another room without him crying. He may have separation anxiety. He’s bonded more to my wife than myself and will stand at the baby gate to our bedroom staring at her and crying.

He only stops crying when we sleep directly in front of the crate. If we go to take a shower with the door closes or leave the house he howls and cries. I’m afraid we’ll have a noise violation posted on our apartment door soon.

My wife is taking it very hard. She’s a first time dog owner and has had serious “puppy blues” even if he’s an adult dog.

I’ve been reading a lot of things here and through other resources? Is it true that it would take many months to correct this behavior? We can’t live our lives like this and may have to return him.

Please let me know, I’m quite desperate and my wife is even more so.

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