2 year old dog food obsession (only human food)

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Hello, I have a 2 year old dog that has an extremely intense food obsession that only comes out when human food is involved. It is very confusing and unique so I hope someone will be able to provide some advice.

She eats her kibble at set times twice a day and has no problem with eating it, she won’t beg or gulp it all down or anything. She is also fine with her normal dog treats, she will eat them normally and take them from your hand gently.

When human food comes into the house she absolutely looses her mind, if she is not put in a separate room she will be in your face whining loudly while trying to snap (not viciously, desperately) at any food you may have, she literally acts starved. The few times she has been given human food (wrong I know, but this was before it got scary and I didn’t know) she would snap the food from your hand, much unlike how she takes her normal treats.

I have previous tried to leash her in a separate room and use a sit/ wait command (which she will always follow otherwise) while someone else is making food in the kitchen and she would choke herself from pulling so hard just to be in the kitchen. She has not had any human food in over 2 months and is always put in her room or outside while we are eating and she will very loudly whine the entire time until she is let in the room. She will rush into the room and frantically search for any crumbs that may have been left. I do not know what else there is I can do since she has such a normal relationship with her regular dog food/treats.

It’s honestly quite scary, I don’t know what to do and can’t find any recommendations on cases that are even remotely like hers. Looking for any advice!

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