2 year old Dachshund is obsessed with me and bit my girlfriend last night. Please help.

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Backstory: A week ago my parents surprised me with a new “puppy.” He took a day to warm up to me, and now he ALWAYS wants to be by my side/held. He only gets excited for me, and doesn’t want to me around anyone but me. Yesterday we took him to the vet and found out the people that sold us him lied. He’s actually 2 years old and had a skin condition and was malnourished. He also had an infection and parasites in his poop. We got him antibiotics and medicine and took him home. We suspect he was mistreated due to them lying and him being in such bad condition. He slowly but surely began getting more and more aggressive with my girlfriend, especially if he’s close to me. Last night he was sitting by my side and my girlfriend tried to playfully touch him and he bit her. This truly upset her because he was supposed to be a surprise for us, but he hates her and only likes me. Now his aggression has caused her physical harm. I love him but I can’t have him biting my girlfriend. We live together so he has to get used to her one way or another. Any tips?

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