2.75 Year old Labradoodle chronically pees on himself.

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He's a pretty bright dog, but potty training has been a struggle. It took us about a year to get him housebroken. Our next mountain to climb is to get him to stop peeing on his front legs/paws.

Basically, he starts peeing about 5 steps before stopping walking, and starts walking for about 5 steps before he stops peeing. This causes him to pee all over the back of his own legs and paws.

A little background, when we first got him at about 3-4 months old, he would walk around and pee apparently completely oblivious to the fact that he was doing so, which meant that he would pee all over the house.(tile floors thankfully.) He didn't really stop and pee when inside.

We tried everything ever suggested, or we could conjure up, and nothing curved the behavior. Then, rather suddenly, he stopped doing it. This seemed to coincide with us letting him start sleeping out of his kennel, and in a room with us. So, maybe it was anxiety related. He is a pretty anxious dog, though his anxiety level didn't really correlate with the times that he would walk around the house peeing.

He was always very okay with peeing on himself in general. He is the only dog I've ever had that would pee on himself in his kennel if they could help it. He wouldn't even squat or hike a leg. He would just pee all over himself, sometimes in a sitting position. We suspect that as a puppy he was left in his crate unless a potential buyer was there to see him, and was thereby conditioned to be okay with peeing on himself.

He's a relatively easily trainable dog. Any ideas on how we can teach him to stop, pee, and wait until he's finished before continuing on?

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