17 weeks and still not 100% there with toilet training

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My border terrier puppy, who arrived at 10 weeks (and is 17 weeks today), has been on what I'd consider to be a consistent training schedule. He isn't crate trained but he is currently still in a pen beside my bed at night; and he was in a flexible pen downstairs for most of the day from 10 – 14 weeks (so he didn't have free access to anywhere beyond a large penned off area, the kitchen and the door to the garden). We have a dog door, and he pretty much taught himself how to jump in and out by 12 weeks.

We never used pads and despite following a careful regime of taking him out after eating/sleeping/playing, or just every 20 minutes, he was a terrible "sprinkler" – he would randomly sprinkle anywhere and everywhere irrespective of having peed 5, 10 or 15 minutes ago. We diligently used enzymatic spray and slowly this improved, so from 14 weeks he stopped the sporadic peeing where he stood, could hold it better and has been reliably taking himself off outside when he needs to go – so much so that at 15 weeks we removed daytime restrictions (not night yet) and he can roam the house.

His record is 4 days with no accidents – but despite being 95% there, every now and then he does a one off piss indoors. There's no pattern – he doesn't seem to be excited, zooming, anxious, or been holding on too long. Everything will be normal, then he'll suddenly pee right in front of the perfectly accessible dog door which he only used 10 minutes ago; or at the top of the stairs while I'm showering etc. Over the last three days he's performed what we have playfully termed a single Protest Piss every day, amidst hours of being demonstrably able to use his dog door for all elimination and zooming purposes.

What's with the one a day, unprompted pee? Is it just part of the process, am I expecting way too much at 4 months? This is our second puppy – 12 years ago our first (female) puppy was 100% in our house at 16 weeks with one accident in someone else's house, then nothing…maybe I'm comparing him unfairly with her!

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