12 week puppy has been diarrhea-ing in her crate suddenly

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Hi everyone. I could really really use some help! My 12 week puppy has suddenly (in the last 3 nights) been having diarrhea in her crate….. up to 3 times a night!Her normal poops are solid and she goes after meals and on our walks outside. She also doesn’t do this when I leave her to go to the gym or grocery store during the day… or when she’s in her crate for nap time while I’m home.

I want to admit that I did the wrong thing and have allowed her to sleep in my bed next to me for a few hours (4 max) in the mornings so the entire night she was in her crate and then some time in the morning with me.

Could this be separation anxiety from sleeping in crate instead of with me? How can I train this out of her?

I could really really use some help. Please.

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