12 month old pup and "leave it"

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Have read so much good advice from the community on here and it's really helped me maintain patience with my dog and ease the puppy blues.

I have a question about leave it, my dog is very treat motivated, I manage to teach him leave it very early on, but we also had the issue of him biting my ankles, so I used the command to prevent him from doing this.

However he now thinks the command is to do with biting my ankles. So I took a step back and tried to teach it again by holding a high value treat and rewarding when he leaves it.

Problem is he has started biting my hand to get to the treat. Which then seems to trigger him into general bitey mode, so training is over and I have to leave the room/ disengage.

(His biting behaviour is getting better though generally)

How can I teach this without getting eaten. Or do I just keep doing it and reinforcing that biting ends training too.

He's eager to learn though! And really want to get this skill down. Any advice would be appreciated!

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