11mo old pupper, still not getting a few things. Help!

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Hey everyone. I have a now 11 month old male Amstaff/Lab mix. Dude is a beast. He'll be turning a year old in about 2 weeks and lot of the crazy insane puppy stuff has simmered down a bit. He's still a tremendous never ending ball of insane energy but thats to be expected for such a breed and for his age. However, I am still slightly concerned about a few things.

He jumps on EVERYONE he sees. Excited jumps, happy jumps, but super muscular knock you on your ass jumps. I pull him down each time and tell him no but that doesn't seem to be sticking. He'll also jump up to see what I have in my hands, what's on the table etc.. how can I stop this?! Nothing so far seems to be working and I'm starting to worry if I don't nip it in the bud soon it'll be nearly impossible to deal with later on. He will chew on a lot of stuff he shouldn't.. but mainly outside. He used to chew on my table and on my couch and destroy my stuff, but that stopped. Now, he's moved on to sticking his head in plant pots and eating the dirt… grabbing twigs and rocks and stuff. Don't even get me started on trying to get it out of his mouth. Is there a method for getting him to drop stuff?! My neighbors must really think I'm off my meds seeings me chase him around.

The other question I have is are these things normal for his age? I see so many posts about peoples pups at 7/8mo who seemingly have no issues anymore. It's sometimes a little saddening… wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

I love him and he's a great doggo but I'm at my wits end with these two issues.

Any insight or advice would be appreciated!

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