11 Week Pomsky training

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Got our puppy at 9 weeks. Basically got her to keep out older dog 12 years company . Still working on a lot of things, some going well some not. Could use any tips for helping the process.

Potty Training: We take her out as often as possible, after naps, extended time etc. She will pee outside and we reward her each time. She still pees in the house often, usually when she gets excited. We ry and keep her outside for a while until she poos, log walks doesnt result in it, but she will poo in the house usually in the same spot.

Crate Training: We tried to do crate training a lil at a time, with food and a kong, she did well the first time for about 40 min. the second time she was ballistic, thrashing all around the crate just acting hysterical. We For a solid 2 hrs she was yelling and bouncing all around the cage, Had to let her out because I didn't want her to hurt herself She threw up in the cage also. After i let her out and she calmed down she was going all around and inside the cage eating all the food she spilled out of her Kong.

Everything else is fine about her, she is great around people , kids, and other dogs, She has a mode before she goes to bed, basically a fast forward but i think that's her trying to keep herself from tiring out.

Thanks for all the help and advise.

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