11 week old puppy teething and biting hands and won’t stop!!

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I just adopted an 11 week old puppy who is a chihuahua mix, but not sure what she is mixed with. I have had her for about a week now, and she was the sweetest angel ever but she had a real teething problem. I got her teething rings, teething bones, teething toys and just about everything you could think of for her to chew on. However in the past couple of days, she has become really bad and only wants to bite hands and arms and legs. I asked my vet for advice and he suggested to close her mouth, and give her a toy to chew instead. I tried that, however now she likes when I close her mouth and thinks it’s game or something? When i try to introduce a toy to chew instead of my hands, she goes around it and bites my hands or arms or legs and barks when I don’t let her get to them. I have tried a stern “no!” i have tried yelping when she bites, i have tried locking her away in another room and not giving her attention when she bites and she literally does not care at all. Please give me any advice, I feel like i have tried everything and my angel puppy is turning into a monster! every time I try to pet her she goes for my hands now! help!

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