11 Week Golden, doesn’t signal when she needs to pee, pees every 15 minutes.

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I adopted a golden retriever, however I've been having issues with toilet training her.

I've successfully crate trained her, and have trained her to only poo outside, which is perfect.

The issues arrises is with peeing, she literally just drops and squats in 5 seconds and pees on the floor, ignoring the puppy pads and trays. I've place one in the bathroom and one next to her crate and the apartment isn't exactly big.

There is no rythm or reason as to when she pees, no sniffing signalling etc, and the frequency is incredible guarenteed to pee within 10 – 15 minutes from the last pee which seems to be a very short period for pup of almost 3 months.

Any advice ?

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