11 month old German Shepherd Extremely leash agressive

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/fktmk0/11_month_old_german_shepherd_extremely_leash/

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We've had this little guy since he was 4 months. He's always been barky on leash towards other dogs. We constantly take him on walks and to the dog park and make sure he gets plenty of exercise every day. Recently, he's starting to get aggressive towards people too. We try to reward him with hot dogs and distract him on walks. We used to be able to walk on opposite sides of the street and he'd be fine. Now he goes crazy when he sees dogs half a mile away. He's gotten to the point with people where he will sit and look at me for a treat and will not be aggressive. When it comes to dogs it seems like he's getting worse. Really at a loss of what to do.

Edit: Would like to add when he's off leash at the dog park he's perfectly fine and will play with other dogs and show no aggression – only on leash

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