10mo puppy needs to be house trained all over again

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My puppy has been going to a cage-free dog daycare for about four months now (Monday through Friday). The dogs there just go to the bathroom on the cement flooring and the employees clean up appropriately.

I just got a new job at an open-office dog-friendly place, and I’d really like to stop paying the hefty dog daycare monthly fee and start bringing my pup to work every day. Problem is, he thinks the cement floor at work is “the bathroom” and won’t wait to go outside. The first day I brought him I took him on hourly walks and he still peed inside twice and pooped once (fortunately no one saw that happen 😬).

At home, he’s able to hold for 6 hours or more, so I know he’s capable of holding it. I’ve got a crate and a leash tied to my work station to keep him right next to me. How can I go about re-training him? Should I completely cut him off from dog daycare to reduce confusion?

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