10 week old Husky puppy

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My 10 week old husky Is as hyper but thats not the problem. Today after 2 weeks he snapped at my older dog (boxer) cause he was getting close to his water. My boxer Is known to eat the rest of my other dogs (mutt) food when shes done and walked away. My Husky has never shown food aggression till today and he snapped at him twice over water and made one of my boxers moles bleed. I corrected him and yelled no and then he snapped at me for touching his water and getting to close so I alpha rolled him and he chilled out and then I put him In his kennel for acouple min. I brought him back out to eat his food and my boxer would get close but my husky didn’t mind this time. Also I believe my husky might be challenging me for the alpha roll. I have looked It up and got many different opinions but I do believe thats whats going on. When I do correct him or he gets overly nippy or aggressive I correct him and he’s getting better. Could this just be he’s now trying to tell the older dogs that he’s bigger than them now? My older dog wont snap at him he’s very ole and my mutt has always been paranoid and only likes my boxer cause she got brought Into the house at a very young age. I know Im all over the place but this little guy Is driving me crazy everyday It’s something new and this water/food aggression Is not gonna play. (Although I have known my boxer since he was about 8 weeks he was a family friends dog & they kept him In a crate all day & he was never taught right and we ended up getting him when he was 4-5 years. He’s just always been a mooch).

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