10 week old Golden licking and chewing on pavement

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Hello. Love that this sub was created!

I have a 10 week Golden that has taken to eating clay and sand and most recently started licking pavement and biting and grinding her teeth on it.
We are constantly watching out for her digging and lapping up dirt.

Around 8 weeks or so she had gotten very sick at the breeder. The vet suspected just a GI infection and she was placed on antibiotics and IV. Her weight when we finally got her was at 6 pounds or so. That delayed us getting her by a week. So this is the first week with her.

Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior? It's very concerning and stressful to see her just chewing at the pavement like that and I'm afraid she is going to really hurt herself.

Could she be teething so early? Could being ill have caused a nutrient deficiency?


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