10 week old dachshund/basset puppy is getting aggressive.

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This week, my dachshund/basset puppy has started exhibiting a new behavior. If told "no" two or three times in quick succession, he gets frustrated (or at least appears to be frustrated on my end) and dives under my coffee table. If I tell him to come out, he barks aggressively. If I actually reach under the table to pull him out, he snarls, snaps, and even makes small lunges at me. He seems unwilling to actually bite me as he hasn't done it yet, but his tail isn't wagging when this happens so I'm hesitant to consider this his version of "play time." So far, I usually escort him to his crate and give him a time out. I don't let him back out until his whining and barking stops.

I've probably given him two dozen time outs for this behavior just this week and he doesn't seem to showing any signs of changing this behavior or being hesitant to engage in it like he is with other things I've been working on with him. For example, jumping up on me when he gets excited. In just a couple weeks, he has mostly stopped doing it and, when he does, you can almost see the gears churning in his head while he considers if it is worth it or not.

He's a small pup for now, so I'm not scared of him and make sure to always show him who is in control with a firm no and a trip to the crate if necessary. He has already become deferential to me in most circumstances – even rolling himself over to expose his belly at various times that he has been scolded. However, I'm worried that this particular behavior will continue into adulthood and that his unwillingness to bite the hand that feeds him may not be applicable to small children or guests that encounter him. I'm getting very attached to this pup very quickly, but as a man with aspirations of starting a family in the next couple years – I'm just not willing to keep an aggressive dog in my home.

Is this normal puppy behavior that he will outgrow? Or is he displaying signs of aggression that he shouldn't really have? Suggestions on how to curb this behavior? Time outs don't seem to be working.

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