10 month rescue is terrified of going outside our apartment

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My girlfriend and I adopted a 10 month old 25 lb rescue about a week ago. She was in the shelter for 4 months during COVID and was in a home with ~20 dogs before that. She is absolutely terrified of going outside and also afraid of random people. We live in a high rise condo at the corner of an intersection with a park diagonal from ours. She's afraid to leave the apartment door and even more terrified to walk out the front door of the building. At this point I have to carry her to a specific far corner of the park in order for her to use the bathroom. Sometimes she will try to jump out of my arms. Immediately after she will sprint to the fence and then try to climb thru it. Sometimes I have to carry her back to the apartment building, other times she will walk back on her own as fast as she can pulling me the whole way.

We're not sure what to do. I've read some articles recommending getting an indoor dog litterbox for now and slowly using treats and training to get her comfortable with each small step of going outside. Should we look into medicating her for her anxiety temporarily? Should we look into a pet trainer at this point?

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