1 Year Old Doodle Sleep/Crate Regression?

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We have a one year old miniature labradoodle female (intact) who has some separation anxiety (usually when leaving our residence). However at night she has been wonderful in her crate for the last 6 months…until just this last week.

Within the last week she has begun having what appears to be some kind of toddler-like sleep regression, waking us up in the middle of the night howling or barking which doesn’t stop until my partner or I go out to her crate in the living room and sleep with her. The longest she went without noise overnight was 6 hours while the shortest amount of time was one hour over the period of about 6 days. Unfortunately we live in a condo complex and the noise is not ideal for neighbors.

Looking for recommendations on what to do. Could this be a puppy adolescent phase or maybe she’s going into heat? Should we move her crate back to our bedroom? Currently it has a blanket over to make it like a den and a Purple dog bed for comfort. We give her a Kong with some mini treats in it to draw her in. That doesn’t even do it anymore. We have been taking her for more walks, doing additional training, and increasing our play to see if that will tire her out more.

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