05/25/20 [Loose Leash Walking Virtual Workshop]

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Welcome to the weekly loose leash walking virtual workshop!

Join us as we compete with the squirrels, cats, other dogs, fresh urine scents and things that go zoooooooom!

Resources Articles (All have videos embedded)

Train Your Dog For Perfect Loose Leash Walking by Casey Lomonaco. (With links and descriptions of several great videos, which we'll link to below.)

Loose Leash Walking Tips by Casey Lomonaco

Silky Leash by Grisha Stewart (blog post + videos.)

Youtube (Many of these are videos which are embedded in the above articles)

Simple Loose Leash Walking : Silky Leash by Grisha Stewart

Clicker Training Loose Leash Walking by Casey Lomonaco

Loose Leash Walking II by Casey Lomonaco

How to Train Your Dog Not to Pull – Loose Leash Walking by Emily "kikopup" Larlham

Dog Training Tip- Leash Walking: Go Sniff and Marking by Emily "kikopup" Larlham

See our page on leash reactivity for help managing and training dogs that bark and lunge while on leash.

Vimeo Shaping Loose Leash Walking With a High Rate of Reinforcement Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by Helix Fairweather and Lynn Martin. (Read the text below the videos too!) APDT webinar Loose Leash Walking presented by Gail Fisher submitted by /u/AutoModerator
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