You’ll Be So Jealous Of This Guy’s Job When You Encounter Who He Hangs Out With Every Period

“Originally, these images were just for the dogs’ proprietors, but they were too good not to share.”

That’s what dog walker Chris Iles to present to ViralNova about the adorable photos he takes of his “pack” every day. The California resident knows that it’s a dog’s world, and we’re precisely living in it — and he wouldn’t have it another way!

It’s only fitting that he developed a cunning invention that’s stimulating life easier for hound walkers and domesticated mothers alike, being that he lives in Silicon Valley and all. There’s no shortage of enormous ideas in his neck of the woods.

The dog walker and tutor who specializes in socialization came up with the WalkPro Leash, which grants hound proprietors a great way to store the not-so-nice presents our puppies leave behind while we finish our walks.

You know what it is I’m talking about, people.

Needless to say, the make is a hit with hound proprietors! But you don’t have to take my statement for it. These adorable friends can’t get enough.

After all, when the human rights at the conclusion of its leash is happy, walks last lane longer.

“I realized that there was no dog leash on the market that carried dog poop. Everyone was walking with their mobile machines in hand and poop suitcases tied in bows on their leashes. It was a mess, ” Iles writes.

“After years of research and design, ” he excused, “the WalkPro Leash was invented. It carries your full and empty poop suitcases and has a stretchy sacking that holds mobile machines, purses, and keys. They’re cleared in the United States and the specific characteristics regards three patents! “

His motley crew is happy to pattern the leashes and show them off for their favorite hound baby-walker!

I’m pretty sure this truck belongs to the little fluffy one on the right.

They make sure they ever look on moment, even when they take pit stop. A model’s work is never done, right?

“Dog walking actually enables me to bail with them, ” he said.

He always took pictures of his four-legged sidekicks to send to their mummies and papas, but when they all really started connecting, he realized that he could get them to constitute and smile for the camera!

“I cry from joy sometimes! I have amazing moments with my pack, and it’s enormous to insure them so happy.”

They are a precious gang, indeed.

If you want to snag one of the following options amazing leashes for yourself, top over to the WalkPro Leash website!

To keep up with all the adorable war, follow Chris Iles and his squad on Facebook. And don’t child yourself. Balk their cuteness is futile.

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