You can’t baby the puppies in Chernobyl because they’re radioactive

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Filmmaker Drew Scanlon( who also happens to be the blinking lily-white person in a meme used to express incredulity all over the internet) made a short film about the swine that wander the contaminated Chernobyl Exclusion Zone( CEZ ), Motherboard reported Wednesday.

When reactor 4 exploded at Chernobyl in present-day Ukraine in 1986, parties evacuated so fast that numerous were forced to leave behind their domesticateds. Now, 30 years later, the successors of those vacated swine lives in the deserted patch of ground 1,000 miles around the weed.

Puppies of Chernobyl peculiarity a few of the estimated 900 move dogs considered to be radioactive in the area. The film is an example of Scanlon’s travel series called Cloth Map.

According to the documentary, visitors are told not to touch the dogs because they could carry hazardous radioactive particles in their hair. This attains for heartbreaking clips of puppies who seem to really crave a belly wipe.

Watch Puppies of Chernobyl below.

If you want to help the fallout puppies, check out one of the fundraising efforts to provide medical care and comfort to the dogs of Chernobyl.

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