Yorkie will bark at ANY stranger

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I have a 3lb fixed female Yorkie. She is about 2 and a half years old. For the most part, she's trained pretty well. Not too many accidents in the house, NEVER bites, listens when calling her by name, etc. But we have one major problem that has become more common, and in all honesty, quite annoying over the last couple months.

We live on a small lake that gets a lot of walking traffic. We always have our windows open and patio door open. She loves being out on the patio or sitting by the windows and taking in the air and the view. But she will incessantly bark at ANYONE who walks by, whether they have a dog or not. I'm not sure how to handle it. On one hand, she's a dog and dogs bark. On the other hand, it makes our ears bleed after 5 minutes.

What is weird is she is terribly afraid of strangers and other dogs when out in public. She won't bark and just runs away or runs toward us. But when she is in the house, it's a different story. And the only other time she ever barks (which is more like a small gruff) is when she drops a toy at our feet and wants it thrown or wants to play. I've tried reprimanding and she'll get quiet for a few moments, then just start back up again.

Just at a loss here. Any ideas?

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