Yesterday we got a Husky puppy, today i cried… And i’m ashame of my thoughs

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Since i remember, there was always a dog in our house, all of them with us since they were puppies.

After 3 years of marriage and no kids, i started to miss having a dog and their loyalty, ability to heal you on a bad day and make your smile, but today, it was quite the opposite.

I was the one pushing to have a dog, my wife never had a pet, she was reluctant since year one, but after some time, she started to see why i love them and started to love them too.

My husky puppy is 10 weeks old, and yesterday she had a long, long trip in car to reach out home.

She isnt afraid of us, neither sad, that was good, but she have, of course, bad, bad manners. She is impatient any time she realizes we are serving her food, and the top of the bad manner, is that she is peeing everywhere, i mean, everywhere, any time.

Despite my initial statement, i never trained my previous dogs, they were all small breeds, and althought they peed everywhere, i never cleaned them intensively as i have to do it with my new puppy, so that's why i'm driving nuts.

I had a break moment today, started to cry and also asked excuses to my wife because my feelings, she was supported, she gave me strenght and words of encouragement, but i thought on getting my puppy another home, and that makes me feel like the more misserable person in world.

Since day one i started the training proccess i've being watching over youtube for the past two months ago, we are making progress with her sitting and kinda wait (stay), but with the name, oh no, she understand that we are calling "her name" only when we have food (no special treats yet, just the same food we feed her) in our hands. Also, she is trying hard to stop herself of bashing me when i'm serving her food, i'm kinda proud, but then i recall the pee everytwhere and i feel so bad for wanting to give her up.

I'm so sorry for this rant, but i really had to put it out; any advice, tip, trick, etc, is very welcome.

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