Year old corgi not sleeping through the night anymore. What’s going on?

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Our corgi turned one in October and has consistently been pretty great with house training and sleeping through the night almost since day one. He was literally making it all night without waking us or having any accidents overnight from like 3 months old.

There has been the odd time here and there when he will wake us in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but up until recently those instances have been few and far between.

Randomly over the last month or so, he has started waking my fiance usually once a night around 3 or 4 AM to be let out, and then again starts waking us around 5 or 5:30 (I normally get up with him at 5:45). He does pee or poop when he goes out but it doesn't seem like an emergency (he's not rushing out and barely making it or having a massive pee or anything).

It feels more like this is a behaviour thing, not a health thing. He's fine during the day and hasn't had any accidents at all while we are gone for work.

He's been getting plenty of exercise too, as I walk him for 30 min every morning, my fiance walks him for about an hour after work, and we let him run around in our yard a lot, play lots of tug and wrestling, and take him to the dog park once or twice a week.

What should we do about this? We don't want to just ignore him because we want him to know that when he does need to be let out in the night it is ok to wake us. We were so proud the first couple times he did that!

We were thinking of going back to crating him at night instead of letting him loose in our room.

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