(x-post from r/vizsla) getting a vizsla pup – should i pick up before or after my holiday?

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long story short:

after a long while of searching, have finally found a vizsla pup (coming from a family which lives on a farm) the pup is ready to be picked up any time (it's currently 8 weeks old) i'm going on holiday in about 3 weeks (and will be gone for 2.5 weeks) should i: pick up the puppy now, and have it for 3 weeks before giving it to my parents to take care while i'm gone; or wait until i come back from my break and pick it up in ~5 weeks or so (the family is okay with keeping him for another few weeks)

i'm conflicted because:

on one hand i don't want to stress out the pup by picking him up now and then moving him around a bit until i come back from holiday; BUT i've read a lot about how important it is to start socialising / exposing the pup to new environments in the first 3 months.

what do i do! and don't say cancel my holiday because i might actually consider that.

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