Worried about my new puppy

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I got a new puppy a couple weeks ago. He's so darn smart and he's such a good puppy. He didnt come from the best place, he was covered in fleas and underweight.

Anyway, he was doing great but he had a bit of diarrhea so I put him on a better food and it got a little better, but then the past couple days it turned to complete liquid stool every time he went potty.

I took him to the vet today and they looked for worms and didnt find anything. Gave him a dewormer just in case and put him on a diet of mashed potatoes with an antibiotic and pepto bismol for the next few days.

There isn't much i can do now but wait and see if he gets better. He still eats and drinks water but he doesnt have as much energy as he did and it just breaks my heart to see him not feeling well. And his poor little bum hole cant be feeling well after all that diarrhea.

Has anyone else had to deal with health issues with a new puppy? Success stories would be much appreciated right now

Edit: puppy tax http://imgur.com/TkzuYqz

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