Working on puppy’s SA: still have to leave him occasionally. How negatively does this affect training????

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Backstory: 5mo Pitbull terrier puppy 22lb, from Humane Society after being rehomed once.

We’ve had him 2 weeks. He’s the absolute best. Knows sit, working on stay and come. Loves our kids. Puts up with our Bunny. Has no issues with his crate at night. Or during the day for naps — if we are laying down too next to him on our bed.

Freaks out completely when we leave. Drooling, soaks the bedding, barks the whole time. 20 min or more doesn’t matter. Trigger is keys + crate.

We are working on desensitizing him to the keys. Keys jingled or grabbed for no reason by everyone and no one is leaving.

Question is: as we work on this issue we STILL have to leave him occasionally alone. Never more than maybe 1-2 hours. How much does every absence/freak out put us back?

And ANY suggestions you may have in the training department I would greatly appreciate.

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