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We got a puppy almost 2 months ago. Because the shelter was SO emphatic about not letting her put her paws where a dog walked, we had to potty train her to go in our balcony (pee pads + fuzzy mat) because we live in an apartment. She was doing good but now that she can go out she WONT poop. She pees fine but no poops. We went on a road trip Saturday, it was supposed to be a camping trip but we had to go back Saturday night because she didn’t poop for 12 HOURS. She is so stubborn! I asked my trainer what to do and she said I have to watch her and run with her when she starts pooping. She has a consistent schedule so one hour after breakfast I started walking her because she usually poops. We’ve been outside for more than an hour now. She’s tired and she didn’t poop! I read tips like “when she poops outside give a high value treat and lots of praises” and I get that but I can’t do anything if she doesn’t poop!!! We will be moving cross country in a month in a week road trip and I need her to poop outside because I don’t know what we are gonna do!!! Did anybody went through this? I read some posts asking the same questions but I wanna know what worked for you for at least the first poop outside please!!!!

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