Will neutering my 3 year old lab/pit make him less territorial?

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Blitzen is the best dog I have ever had. He is sweet, loves kids and strangers and learns extremely quick. However, Blitzen thinks that he is the king of the neighborhood. He is constantly on edge when we are outside, he is always looking around and listening for any creature in his view. Before I got an E-collar he would run out of the yard and run around town. He decided to try to kill the outdoor mastiff that lives a block away that we see while on a walk. I got the E-collar and now he doesn't leave the yard…unless he sees a dog. If I notice right away that he is tensing up and tell him no he will turn away for a few seconds but then focuses on the dog again. Yesterday he tried to attack a dog no bigger than my shoe and yet he is more scared of cats than anything. The E-collar will bring him back if he takes off but that can fail. I'm scared to take him to the park with other dogs because I can't live with being responsible for someone's pet getting hurt or dying. I want to neuter him but I don't know what other changes that will cause. Has anyone neutered an adult with similar behavior? Am I overthinking the negatives of neutering?

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