Will my 7.5 m/o Schichon (Teddy Bear) ever be housebroken?

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Not looking for training tips here (please), just looking for people to share their experiences.

After what felt like ages of constantly cleaning up after our puppy, she hit the 6 month mark and finally seems to get it. She went two full weeks without a single accident, seemingly out of nowhere. It was a miracle.

Having said that, after the honeymoon house breaking phase, she went back to having an accident once every day or two. It’s a different spot every time and fluctuates between a pee and a poo (so I’m pretty sure it’s not marking).

I work from home and she has learned to bark or ring a bell when she needs to go out. My desk is literally five feet from the door so I always let her out and praise her when she goes on her own. On top of that, I routinely take her out for breaks.

Is this normal for her age and/or breed? She’s a shih-tzu/bichon mix and I’ve read they can be stubborn to train (though we did have a trainer come who said this want true).

Anyone else has similar experiences? If you can provide a light at the end of the tunnel, it would be appreciated!

Carol the unbreakable

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