Will I ever be able to trust my dog around my sister without a muzzle?

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I want to start by saying I do NOT expect results fast and I am prepared to put time in and work hard. My gsd is a little over a year old he does not like strangers. He was socialized as a puppy. He just has a habit of not liking strangers. My sister went to college after I got him. She never was around to imprint on him as part of the family so he is very wary of her. I keep him muzzled and tethered when she comes to visit me. I am trying to get him to realize she is here to stay and a member of our family by having her visit on a regular basis and giving him lots of treats.for his good behaviour. I would like to know if it is possible to acclimate a dog to a person and any tips on how to do so would be appreciated thanks.

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