Whyyyyy did she pooo in her bedddd

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Hi guys, had my puppy for just over a month now. She’s been great and is almost 5 months. I’ve been raising her alone as my fiancé has been abroad working.

Everything’s been going well lately. She’s awesome on walks, potty training has been going really well with no accidents for weeks, yeah she’s biting and teething but that’s to be expected and mostly chews her own toys (but she has started to go for cables so I keep my eye on her at all times and when I go out I crate her, which she is fine with and just sleeps).

Yesterday though, she’s started eating poos on the walk. Other dogs poos. I don’t know what I can do to stop it other than drag her away, say no, or sometimes having to pick the poo out of her mouth. What can I do about this? It’s so gross.

Then last night she pooped in her bed. It wasn’t diarrhoea it was a normal poo, but she has never done this before, not even when I first bought her home and she wasn’t potty trained. She’s always slept through the night and has woken me up with crying if she’s needed to go out, and when that happened I followed the advice given on this page and kept it “strictly business”.

I woke up and I thought it smelled like poo. Then I checked on her and it was on her blanket next to her bed. The cage isn’t too big or anything. Maybe don’t give her peanut butter anymore? I just got super bummed out because she’s been doing so well, and I know I gotta lower expectations a bit here maybe, but I hate dealing with all of this alone. 🙁 I’ve put the blanket in the wash but I just feel like my house reeks now.

Sorry to rant, I love her to pieces, but this can all be so hard sometimes. Plus I go back to uni in a couple of weeks (if my timetable is busy I will get a dog walker if fiancé isn’t home) and I’m so nervous about how she’ll cope with the shock of that.

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