Why handbag pups are going out of fad

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The trend of toting minuscule pups around as supplements has subsided, with proprietors dropping the 2,000 hounds at recovery cores. Is big the brand-new small?

Name : Handbag dogs. Age : Quite young, at first.

Appearance: Small and cute, up to a point.

Cute or not, I cant believe beings are still stirring handbags out of pups. Its as if 101 Dalmatians never happened. These are puppies that fit in handbags.

Oh. Which multiplies prepare as handbag pups ? Pugs, miniature dachshunds, French bulldogs, this kind of thing. Youd requirement a brutal big handbag to give a French bulldog in it . It toils better when theyre puppies, which may be part of the problem.

What question? The direction for handbag bird-dogs has passed, it seems.

You mean weve reached top pooch? It ogles that practice. The luminary style for toting compact canines on the red carpet Reese Witherspoon has a French bulldog; Adele a dachshund had driven up request in the UK, to the extent that handbag puppies were being stolen.

Perhaps the thieves were under the intuition they were just stealing handbags. Perhaps, although the dogs themselves can sell for as much as 2,000.

Thats a lot of money for not very much hound. But, these days, the little bug-eyed pups are being dropped at save centres in droves: the Dogs Trust has reported a 444% rise in the number of handbag reproduces it has taken in.

Why have people fallen out of passion with their wee puppies? Perhaps they have realised that a bird-dog stimulates for a problematic supplement they dont, as a rule, like being zipped up in purses. Or it could be that the celebrities have moved on to bigger bird-dogs. The Beckhams have a spaniel.

Even so, you wouldnt catch me leaving a 2,000 hound by the side of the road. Sadly, many of these handbags puppies are smuggled into Britain on the cheap, so they are able to “ve been here for” a lot less, although theyre often sickly and rarely vaccinated.

When will parties realise that a pup is for life , not just a journey to the browses? The Dogs Trust has commissioned a bag for life from decorator Radley to communicate simply that message.

How numerous pomeranians could you fit in it? Youre missing the point.

Do say: Let me just make sure Ive got everything keys, phone, purse, Revels, glasses, Kenneth, headphones, lipstick

Dont say: Hang on, those arent Revels.

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