Why does my dog have an enemy?

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I have a ten month old border collie/gsd mix. He LOVES other dogs, honestly more than people. He has two dogs that are like his brothers, we see them every single day. He also plays with about a dozen of our neighborhood dogs five days a week. He is a bit uncertain in some situations, but we live in a bad neighborhood in SF and he only reacts to things people would (if you’re from SF, you know how it is).

HOWEVER there is one dog in our building he absolutely hates. Like I’m certain if I let him go, he would rip this dog to shreds. The noises he makes when he sees her are out of control. We live in a high rise building and see this dog every other day. She’s a lovely, sweet yellow lab with three legs, and the only thing I can think of is he doesn’t like the way she walks or something. We do know one other dog with three legs that he likes fine, though. She also wears a gentle leader on her face, but that has never bothered him with other dogs. Even if she’s been in the corridor and we walk through several minutes after, he can smell her and all his fur goes up. We’ve even been in a DIFFERENT neighborhood and he spotted her from three blocks away and freaked!

I’m trying to understand his behavior; it’s scary and embarrassing. I noticed they were on similar pee schedules at night so I changed his schedule so didn’t see her quite as much, but since we live in the same building it’s unavoidable.

Any tips for why he hates this dog? And any tips for what to do when he reacts so harshly?

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