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I have a male akita, 14 months old, and he used to be the most silent dog ever. He basically never barks never whines or anything. Well things slowly got out of hands. We have our routine and i'am quite consistent with it. For example we used to go for our long walk ar 7pm, this is was during summer and it was still daylight. As it got darker earlier, he wanted to go for the walk earlier and started complaining. I tried ignoring, but he never stops until we go out. Well now we go for walks at 5pm, it less enjoyable for me because i live in a city and it's very crowded at this time. The worse is in the morning, he starts whining as soon as the sun rise ! Today he woke me at 5.30 for god sake ( our walks are at 6.45) He even started complaining during training, i give him a down command, and he start whining. When i don't let him go where he wants, he start whining aswell.

This is behavour is slowly getting worse and worse and worse. Not zure how to proceed from here.

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