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We've had our 7mo deaf, basset pit mix for 3-4 months now but still have problems with her whining in the morning. She's fine in her kennel when we go to bed and typically one groans and sighs once or twice before tucking in for the night. With a couple kennel safe toys in case she needs the stimulation.

We've been following the standard practice to taking her out if she whines for more than a couple minutes and that's only to potty. Stand in the yard for a minute or two and if she's just sniffing/trying to eat the grass, straight back to bed. Normally this is once a night (right now she has a bout of diarrhea)

Sometimes she'll whine right after getting back from a potty break because she knows its about time to get up. I lay in bed and only get up to let her out if she's quiet for at least 30 seconds. If she starts whining, I walk away again which sometimes has the opposite effect where she whines louder to try to get my attention. I do this until she says quiet through me walking over and opening her kennel.

Is this something I just need to wait out/she'll outgrow or is there something more I could be doing?

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