When will my puppy hold her pee while she’s awake?

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My golden puppy is 15 weeks old now and potty training is going really well. She almost sleeps through the night and consistently uses her bell to ask to go out. She also hasn't had an accident in well over a week.

The only thing left now is for her to go a bit longer in between potty breaks. I feel like she goes outside so much, and pees every time. In the morning I can be in and out 4-5 times in the first hour and a half. The busiest times are in the morning and in the evening. I guess in between we are usually busy taking walks, training, playing, napping. I'm wondering when she'll go longer between pee breaks so I'm not up and down every 15 minutes in the morning?

I don't usually mind but this morning I have horrible cramps and I'm reaaally wishing she would just chill with the bell for once.

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