When to start walking your puppy?

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Hey all! I have a 10 week old pembroke corgi puppy. I know this sub mentions walking before full vaccinations…when do you start doing that? Now? or when she’s older and has more vaccinations? I really want her to be socialized and it seems like for her mental stimulation, being inside or on our tiny porch lawn just isn’t doing it for her. She would really like to walk and meet people. I carry her around sometimes and walk around with her but she just wants to get on the ground. So when is the best time to start walking them? What is the risk of her getting sick vs the risk of her being poorly socialized?

Also I moved recently so i have no in-person friends in the area yet, it’s just myself and my girlfriend (both women). I’m super worried she will be afraid or aggressive towards men if i don’t take her to meet some.

I tried searching a few variations of the title but couldn’t find anything, so pardon if this question is asked a lot.

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