When to start giving puppy more freedom to roam inside?

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Hi, all! We have had our Aussie/Golden mix, Eleanor, for just over a week. She's 10 weeks old and learning fast. I know she's not ready to have run of the house yet, but I'm not sure when is the right time to start giving her more freedom. We've been keeping her in the same room as us (sometimes leaving her alone while we run upstairs for coffee or whatever) with a baby gate so far, and letting her run free in the backyard.

We'd like to get her to a point where she can "ask" to go outside by sitting by the back door. Problem is, she doesn't have access to the back door the majority of the time, because our TV/hangout room is downstairs. So for now she's asking by whining a bit at the baby gate and pacing. When we think she has to go, we say "Do you want to go outside?", so she assumes the position to be picked up and carried over the gate, and then taking her upstairs, saying "Ok Nora let's go outside" and having her sit at the back door before we open it to let her out. When it's time to go inside, we say "Ok Nora let's go inside" and she stops what she's doing and goes back to the door to be let in. We didn't intentionally teach that one but I'm very happy she picked it up so fast!

Will this be enough to teach her that sitting at the back door gets her outside and inside? Or do we need to allow her more freedom to go upstairs when she wants to go pee? At what point should we start experimenting with letting her roam the house?

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