When to give a long haired (Lhasa Apso) puppy his first haircut?

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I have a 4 month old Lhasa Apso, and his hair is currently around 3 inches long. This is his "puppy coat" (soft, fuzzy), not yet his adult coat (supposed to be a double coat with a coarser outer coat). I've had conflicting information about whether I should take him to get a haircut as a puppy or if I should leave it alone until he gets his adult coat (and if I leave it alone, will the puppy coat grow as long as the adult coat, or will it stabilize at some shorter length?). His coat (and the breed's appearance, in general) is pretty similar to a Shih Tzu's, for reference.

I live in an air conditioned apartment in a mild summer area (Seattle), and he is surprisingly ok with brushing, so if I'm supposed to wait for his adult coat we can manage (although I probably wouldn't be able to walk him on warmer summer days). But if there's no problem in grooming him sooner, I think we'll all be more comfortable if he wears a shorter coat for summer.

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