When to get a second dog?

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Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a second dog but I don’t know when or how I should do it so I decided to ask Reddit.

How did you decide to get a second dog and why did you do it at that moment instead of, let’s say, waiting a few months or years? What did you take into consideration when making the decision? What challenges have you faced with two pups that didn’t exist while having only one?

Probably I should talk a little bit about me so here it goes:

I have a dog, Kinder, who’s 5 years old. He’s a small dog (just under 9kg or about 18lb if I did the math correctly), not neutered and quite independent, he likes people more than dogs (when we go to the park he prefers to do his thing sniffing here and peeing there instead of run and play with other dogs).

I also have a cat, Midna, who’s 10 months old. She’s the funniest kitten ever, loves Kinder and has been exposed to other (little) dogs and reacted well.

Kinder has lived for two years with another dog (female) that was about 10 years older than him, she was really chill and didn’t annoy him so they got along great. He was really sad when she died and has not lived with another dog since but when I travel sometimes he stays with my best friend who has three dogs and they have so much fun.

So that’s the situation. I want a new puppy and maybe I’d like to wait a little bit until Midna has grown up but no too much so Kinder is not too old to enjoy the new puppy. Any advice, feedback or whatever will be very much appreciated!

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