When is it time to give my puppy back to the breeder to rehome?

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In March, I adopted an eight-week old Doberman puppy. He is a family dog, but I will refer to him as my dog just to make writing this easier. He is six months old now.

Potty training started off rough, but he’s pretty good with it now, with one big problem. He refuses to go outside when it’s raining and instead goes right in front of the door. It’s been a work in progress, but it doesn’t happen too often so progress doesn’t come quickly, and I’ve been busy with some other things so this also hasn’t been my top priority, again because it doesn’t happen too often.

Today, however, my dad decided that he had enough, and when my dog peed in the house, my dad carried him to the door by his collar (in effect, choking him the whole way…a 55-pound dog), and proceeded to lock him out and refuse to let him back in the house. All-in-all, I spent 5+ hours with my dog outside until he was allowed back in. I’ve been absolutely fuming since.

Now, he’s peed in the house again after running around and looking for a spot, even though it’s not raining, because he is deathly afraid of going outside. Probably because he thinks he’ll be locked out for five hours again or because he thinks he’ll be strangled. I tried to coax him outside, and he’s literally shaking in fear.

And this brings me to my question. When is it right to bring him back to the breeder? He’s six months old now. My purchase contract was very clear that if he needs to be rehomed, I am to return him to the breeder, so there are no other options besides that if I can’t keep him. I cannot stand to see my dog mistreated—physically abused—for inconsequential mishaps. Also, my family’s solution to every bad thing he does is “get a shock collar,” which I have absolutely refused to do.

Is there any hope? Can a sleep away camp fix this? What would you do in my situation? If there isn’t a quick fix, I don’t see how I can keep him.

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