When do things settle down?

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Hi everyone, I posted before about having puppy blues and I'm happy to say that a week later I'm feeling so much better, it feels like he is having small improvements everyday even if he still has some set backs here and there. The question I had was when do things start to settle down? I still feel like I can't take my eyes off him or he will wander off to pee and I am reaching the point where I need to start getting work done again (I'm a freelance graphic designer and work on my computer in my room) I got an xpen but my parents won't let me use it because he cried in it and they get annoyed by him crying. He fights taking naps to the point that if I'm not holding him and petting him he won't go to sleep (and he goes bananas if he doesn't take a nap, rn he's up for about an hour maybe 2 and sleeps for about an hour) I love him and he is so adorable and if I could I would snuggle and play with him all day everyday but I'm starting to get anxious about not working, especially with the expenses of the holidays coming up. I give him the puppy sized stuffed kong but he seems to go through that in 10 minutes flat, the only thing that keeps him busy are those food treat bones but i don't want to give him too many like not more then one a day. Any help or advice or just to know there is an age were they can just do there own thing for a while would make me feel a lot better. Thanks!

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